Mountain Ranch Lighting is pleased to announced we have merged our product line the premier manufacturer of rustic lights, Avalanche Ranch Light Company, Handmade Rustic Lodge Lights , which now makes the finest collection of rustic lights for the lodge look you will find anywhere. For a limited time, this website will remain open, but we encourage you to visit their website now...


  • Over 1,500 designs of rustic style and craftsman style lights
  • Lodge Style Designs for every room
  • Customization for every style
  • UL approved rustic lights handmade in the USA
  • 100% product satisfaction
  • FREE shipping on all orders (to continental US and Canada)

WELCOME to Mountain Ranch Lighting, now proud to be part of the Avalanche Ranch Light Company product family. Avalanche Ranch is a family owned lighting manufacturing company with an 10 year history of making the highest quality, rustic lights available today for a lodge-style decor. Please go to the all new Avalanche Ranch Light Company website now! Avalanche Ranch Light Company

THANK YOU FOR VISITING. SEE YOU AT... Avalanche Ranch Light Company

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